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Digital Inspections & Audit Management

Shift to a cost-effective digital inspection and audit management system that is accurate, efficient, convenient and flexible.

Construct customized workflows for every stage of the inspection & audit process. Reduce the time and manpower required to extract and assess the data needed to evaluate the health of your organization and make informed decisions.

Augment managerial visibility and increase accountability of your workforce with the inherent advantages of a single centralized system. Monitor the lifecycle of the inspection or audit from creation to resolution.

A few features of Oditly's Digital Inspection & Audit Management

Compliance Management

The ability and flexibility of Oditly’s platform automates processes of internal, external & governmental compliances.

Collect and collate information from multiple sources and let Oditly bring it all together. Generate reports with customized formats, fonts, logos and layouts specific to various compliance requirements.

Construct digital procedures to automate the processes for self-audits and assessments.

Have organized access to all the relevant records for viewing and export in an instant.

A few features of Oditly's Compliance Management Solution

Planned Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Use Oditly’s platform to maximize the life and performance of all your equipment.

Incorporate and execute both, a schedule-based and a condition-based maintenance program for all your assets on Oditly.

Automate work orders and service requests based a customizable schedule. Track tasks from issuance to completion.

Send and receive work orders, complete inspections and file service reports. Tag assets with QR and Barcodes scannable by the Oditly app to view equipment status and details instantly, from service and repairs to running hours and costs.

A few features of Oditly's Planned Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Hazard and Incident Management

Encourage and promote the safety culture within your organization by empowering your workforce with the ability to identify hazards or risks and report them from the convenience of their mobile device.

Take photographs, record videos, assign risk levels and geo-tag locations to supplement reports.

Assign individuals or teams to implement corrective actions and resolve issues rapidly.

Carry out incident reporting easily on Oditly. Compile evidence, conduct root cause analysis, issue safety communication blasts and if needed institute procedural changes, all from one centralized platform.

A few features of Oditly's Hazard and Incident Reporting

Training and Awareness

Train your workforce to meet and raise quality, safety and operational standards your organization.

Create targeted training and sensitization programs for your workforce. Monitor the efficacy of awareness building through assessments and competency demonstrations.

Use the Oditly app provide access to current and relevant SOPs, manuals, and technical data to ensure personnel can safely and effectively carry out their duties.

A few features of Oditly's Training & Awareness Management

Certification, License & Repository Management

Create a library of all your documents, certifications, licenses, permits, vendors contracts, service agreements in one place.

The innovative and intelligent repository allows you automate procedures for renewal, re-issuance and compliance from one platform.

Easily view the status and validity of all your documentation to plan ahead and always remain certified.

Manage the safety, quality and operational credentials of your organization from a customizable dashboard.

A few features of Oditly's Certification, License & Repository Management

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