Meet Oditly

Building the digital ecosystem for quality, safety and workflow

How Oditly came into being

Manual and laborious paper based practices make storing huge amounts of critical information difficult as an organization grows, making it virtually impossible to measure, standardize and improve quality and safety. For an organization that serves end users directly, any deterioration in quality creates a bad customer experience. And, for an organization that puts safety first, any compromise with safety puts lives and property at risk.

All these are not imaginary but real world problems that we experienced as professionals and customers in the past. After previously offering quality assessment services-aimed at creating delightful customer experiences- in retail and hospitality sectors and having worked as professionals in shipping and oil and gas- heavily safety and paper workflow - oriented industries - over a collective period of more than forty years, we had derived first hand insights into these structurally inherent problems.

Feeling the persistent urge to address these problems and bring about an impactful change in this domain, we brought ourselves together and set out on a journey to develop an innovative and organized digital solution that will help organizations achieve superior quality and safety and automate manual workflows; leading to enhanced end user experience. And that's eventually how our flagship product Oditly transpired into reality.

This is just the beginning. A lot more is on the way.

~ Team Oditly